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The Alabama Forest Resource Center was created to enhance, promote and preserve the productivity and sustainability of Alabama’s forest resources to ensure their economic and environmental benefits for future generations.

Arbor Day, J. Sterling Morton's Legacy of Trees How one man's passion to beautify a treeless prairie led to a worldwide holiday of environmental awareness. Long before we celebrated Arbor Day, before anyone came up with the term ecology or the idea of an Earth Day, even before most people would have guessed that we should pay attention to the health of our environment...there was Julius Sterling Morton. If you've ever doubted that one person can have a major positive influence on the Earth, you should know the story of J. Sterling Morton and how his belief in the beauty and necessity of trees has literally changed the landscape for over 100 years.

BIOstock Blog - The first of four interlinked BIOenergy Blogs, this one covers mostly agriculture and forestry feedstock issues - which are used, how they are transported, and what new processes are being developed. The other three related blogs are the BIOconversion Blog, the BIOoutput Blog, and the BIOwaste Blog.

CAB International (CABI) an intergovernmental organization providing information, publishing and scientific services worldwide to agriculture, forestry, human health and the management of natural resources.

Environment Web Directory - access to websites of many environmental organizations

European Tropical Forest Research Network - Established in 1991, the European Tropical Forest Research Network (ETFRN) is a forum for communication between European organisations, researchers, EU institutions and others concerned with (sub-)tropical forest research. The ETFRN Network seeks to promote the involvement of European research expertise towards the conservation and wise use of forests and woodlands in tropical and subtropical countries.

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FAO Forestry - The Home Page of the Forestry Programme of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
State of the World's Forests - Forests and trees support sustainable agriculture. They stabilize soils and climate, regulate water flows, give shade and shelter, and provide a habitat for pollinators and the natural predators of agricultural pests. They also contribute to the food security of hundreds of millions of people, for whom they are important sources of food, energy and income. Yet, agriculture remains the major driver of deforestation globally, and agricultural, forestry and land policies are often at odds.
Unasylva - the quarterly international journal of forestry and forest industries published by FAO.

Firewood Guide - This concise site covers everything about firewood: types of firewood, where to buy good firewood, firewood storage, which equipment to use, and more.

Florida Forestry Information Forest and forest management information for Florida landowners and the general public

Forest Business Network's leading weekly email newsletter is read by 10,000 of the forest product industry's top managers

Forest Encyclopedia Network - provides natural resource professionals and the public the scientific knowledge and tools they need to achieve their objectives. The Network consists of a growing number of encyclopedias covering different fields of forest science.

The Forest History Society links the past to the future by identifying, collecting, preserving, interpreting, and disseminating information on the history of interactions between people, forests, and their related resources - timber, water, soil, forage, fish and wildlife, recreation, and scenic or spiritual values. The focus is from a North American perspective within a global context.

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Forest ReLeaf of Missouri was founded in 1993 as the local response to Global ReLeaf – an international project of American Forests to combat global warming through tree planting. Today, Forest ReLeaf is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to inspiring volunteer efforts in planting and caring for trees and forests, particularly those in our cities and towns.

Global Forest Information Service provides the framework to share forest-related data and information through a single gateway. It promotes the dissemination and sharing of forest and tree-related information and knowledge among the global forestry community by developing common information exchange standards, building capacity and enhancing partnerships among forestry information providers and users.

Global Wood Trade Network is the world's leading business-to-business (B2B) eMarket for timber and furniture and other various wood related products that provides essential, comprehensive source of information. attracts visitors from all over the world, who are keen to buy and sell Timber and furniture-related products or services. Visitors will find this site very useful and will be able to develop valuable sales leads from all over the world.

Greenebriar Treasure Forest Created for the small landowner with freelinks to foresty, wildlife, taxation, and forest technology info. Here you will find a lot of tips for the small landowner to better manage their farms, links to useful websites on many subjects including: Forestry, wildlife, deer, mapping, property ownership, taxation, planning, tools for managing land, conservation, and the agencies and groups that can help solve your problems.Come explore all the free information available.

Hardwood Forest Foundation is a non-profit educational resource. Its goal is to teach the public about hardwood trees, forests and the importance of sustainable forest management. By supporting conservation, research and educational programs, the Foundation ensures future generations will enjoy the benefits of hardwood trees- a vital renewable resource.

Hatton-Brown Publishers, Inc. publishes seven magazines, five of which are trade magazines that pertain to specific segments of the forest products industry. These include: Timber Harvesting, a national logging magazine; Southern Loggin' Times, a regional logging magazine; Timber Processing, a national sawmill magazine; Southern Lumberman, a sawmill and millworks magazine covering the eastern half of the U.S.; and Panel World, a national and international magazine for the various panel (plywood, OSB, MDF, particleboard) industries.

How Well Do You Know Your Trees? - Test your knowledge of trees by taking a little quiz on tree scientific names, tree folklore and trivia.

Indiana Woodland Steward Web Site Information on managing Indianas hardwood timber resources.

Inter-Continental Paper Exchange is a FREE world wide information exchange for those companies and individuals who BUY/SELL/trADE Paper Products or Services

Inter-Continental Wood Exchange is a FREE world wide information exchange for those companies and individuals who BUY/SELL/trADE Wood Products or Services

The InterfaceSouth Website includes up-to-date wildland-urban interface information, such as current news, events, publications, training and outreach programs, and decision support systems. It also includes reference information such as a literature database, a photo gallery, and links to informative Web sites.

The International Model Forest Network - A Model Forest is both a geographic area and an approach to the sustainable management of landscapes and natural resources. Geographically, a Model Forest must encompass a landbase large enough to represent all of the forest's uses and values. They are a fully working landscape of forests, farms, protected areas, rivers and towns.

International Society of Tropical Foresters - Welcome to the International Society of Tropical Foresters Homepage. The purpose of this web site is to better link the global members of the society, to provide updated information from time to time on the activities of the society, and to greatly encourage communication among the members of the society.

International Timber Exchange - IHB Timber-marketing via Internet. Since September 1996 "IHB - Internationale Holzboerse GmbH", Landshut/Germany, has been operating an Internet-based worldwide information-database. The company is involved in the marketing of timber products by means of the Internet. This information medium is designed to enable traders engaged in the timber wholesale business to succesfully meet their supply and demand objectives. The company is run by Marcus R. Niedermeier, who is an experienced timber wholesale businessman working for Eduard Niedermeier, Landshut, and Joerg Kriszio, who is the manager of a local computer firm. IHB runs an information database with direct access to the Internet.

Island Press A mission-oriented, non-profit publisher, Island Press was organized in 1984 to help meet the need for accessible, solutions-oriented information through a unique approach that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of environmental problems.

Journal of Industrial Ecology is an international, peer-reviewed quarterly on industry & the environment, owned by Yale University and published by MIT Press. It regularly publishes articles about the forest products industry.

Michigan Forest Pathways - Clearinghouse of forestry education and forest management resources for Michigan.

Michigan Forests Forever Teachers Guide - Curriculum resource for Michigan educators about Michigan forest resources and forest management.

Nip Impressions (r) - Jim Thompson\'s weekly editorials about the pulp and paper industry

Opérations Forestières is published four times per year and is the French language Journal of Record of the Canadian Woodland Forum As the second largest market in Canada, Quebec produces 25% of all the lumber sawn in the country, more than all the other provinces put together with the exception of B.C. OPÉRATIONS FORESTIÈRES is the only magazine covering this lucrative sector in its native French language.

PaperMoney(r) - Complete Site on the Pulp and Paper Industry Worldwide

PULP & PAPER RESOURCES ON WEB - This web site lists and links to more than 800 web sites related to pulp and paper. The site also display latest paper industry news and a paper dictionary.

Quantifying the impact of trees: The Chicago Urban Forest Climate Project - by D.J. Nowak and E.G. McPherson. Nowak and McPherson are Research Foresters with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station, Chicago. This article reports on the methodologies and initial results of an urban forestry research project, based in Chicago, Illinois. It discusses the interrelated urban forest ecosystem functions that are currently being studied - climate modification, energy conservation, air quality and carbon dioxide sequestration - and considers the cost-benefit implications of urban vegetation. Unasylva

Random Lengths Publications, Inc. publishes the most widely circulated -- and respected -- report covering North America's wood products industry.

RISI is the leading information provider for the global forest products industry. Our mission is to create the highest quality information for and about the global forest products industry and deliver it to customers as part of value-added solutions.

Roundwood Measurement This website is intended to provide reference and a source of information for those who participate in roundwood measurement (log scaling) and those who would like to learn more about it. Included is a comprehensive list of links, publications and organizations.

Smallwood Utilization Network - SUN offers a broad network to deal with the complex set of challenges in supply, production, and marketing for the emerging smallwood industry. was established in 1999 and is located in the center of Seattle, WA, where technolgy meets forest products. is privately held with no debt & has grown to be one of the largest forest product's exchanges operating today. We have grown through bringing satisfaction to each individual customer.

Timber Harvesting is a key information-education resource for logging contractors, forest products plants with logging operations, owners and/or managers of forest operations, industrial and consulting foresters, wood procurement personnel, forestry and logging associations, tree farmers and logging equipment manufactures and distributors.

Timber Mart-South - timber prices for the southeastern U.S. and forest industry market news

Timbergreen Forestry - Full Vigor Forestry, Arthroscopic Logging, Local value-added manufacturing of wood products and direct marketing to consumers allows sustainable forest management from the forest owner's point of view. Forest to finished floor operations let woodlot owners maintain control of their land and timber with an annual harvest to produce regular income.

Tree News - News and blog for Urban Forests in Atlanta

Trees Forever is an organization that not only plants and cares for trEES, but also addresses the challenges facing our communities and the ENVIRONMENT. Our goals involve getting information and tools to the PEOPLE who volunteer their time to make a difference in the COMMUNITY. By working together through effective STEWARDSHIP, we can inspire action, improve quality of life, and demonstrate respect for our natural resources.

Treeware - Information resources to supply decision makers at all levels with a better understanding of the forest and all its components.

Upper Peninsula Tree Identification Guide - Tree ID and additional information for the trees of Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute - The scope of UFEI ranges across the full spectrum of forest settings -- from the inner-city forests to remote semi-developed forests. The institute is designed to work in co-operation with other universities, government agencies and even private consulting firms.

USDA Forest Service: Urban and Community Forestry Program enhances the livability of towns, communities, and cities by improving the stewardship of urban natural resources. The Urban and Community Forestry Program responds to these needs by maintaining, restoring, and improving the health of urban trees, forests, greenspaces and sustainable forest ecosystems for more than 70 million acres of America’s urban and community forest resources.

Urban Forests, Environmental Quality and Human Health - Since 1978, the US Forest Service has had an urban forest research unit located at the State University of New York’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) in Syracuse, New York. A second field office was located on the campus of the University of Maryland - Baltimore County in Baltimore, MD.

Woodland Magazine - This full-color quarterly, general interest magazine for woodland owners is designed to inform and inspire. This publication is packed with engaging stories, beautiful photos and practical tips for getting the most out of your land.