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A Directory of the Forestry Community in America

Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) is dedicated to the protection and proper management of Alabama's valuable timber resources.

Alabama Urban Forestry Association - Established in 1989, the Alabama Urban Forestry Association (AUFA) is a committed leader in the issues of urban forestry. AUFA promotes proper tree care, tree protection and other tree issues in the urban setting.

American Conifer Society (ACS) The purposes of the American Conifer Society are the development, conservation, and propagation of conifers, with an emphasis on those that are dwarf or unusual, standardization of nomenclature, and education of the public.

American Forest Foundation - Promoting Active Stewardship of Our Natural Resources Programs that work. Professionals who commit. Volunteers who care. Ideas that matter. Together, these are the ingredients that shape the vigorous growth of the American Forest Foundation.

American Forests is the nation's oldest nonprofit citizens conservation organization. The organization's vigorous advocacy helped create the conservation movement and public lands system in the United States. We are seen as a trusted voice on forest policy issues.

American Tree Farm System - our mission is: to promote the growing of renewable forest resources on private lands while protecting environmental benefits and increasing public understanding of all benefits of productive forestry.

Arkansas Urban Forestry Council - Our responsibility is to educate communities about the importance of the urban forest environment and how to manage this valuable resource

California Urban Forests Council is the nation's oldest Urban Forest Council. Its mission is to promote an ecosystem approach to the management of California's Urban Forests through education, advocacy and networking.

Center for Integrated Natural Resources and Agricultural Management is a partner based organization that catalyzes the development and adoption of integrated land use systems. CINRAM links the expertise of the University of Minnesota with the experience and insights of people and organizations who work with, and have an understanding of, opportunities and issues across the landscape.

Colorado Tree Coalition - Overview: Expand Trees Across Colorado program; develop standard operating procedures for all successful programs to assist in mentoring for program succession.

Connecticut Urban Forest Council, Inc. is a statewide organization composed of representatives from Connecticut environmental organizations, state agencies, universities, research institutions, corporations, professional communities and citizen tree groups. Its purpose is to provide advice, assistance, education, information and support to urban and community forestry professionals, associated professionals, municipal, state and corporate leaders, and volunteers.

Cradle of Forestry will make available to this and future generations the birthplace of forestry and forestry education in America and will promote, demonstrate, and stimulate interest in and knowledge of the sustainable management of America's forest lands for the multiple benefits.

Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council is comprised of members from various backgrounds. All are drawn to the organization because of a love of our local native trees and the role they play in our urban environment. Members seek to educate the public on the value of the unique Cross Timbers ecosystem.

Earthwatch Institute - Catalog of volunteer opportunities on field research expeditions with leading field research institute. The site includes information about forest-based expeditions on six continents. Topics include forest resource and wildlife surveys, habitat assessment, forest ecology, forest health, and watershed management studies. 7-15 day expeditions are ideal for students and professionals alike.

Ecoforestry Institute Society is dedicated to promoting ecologically, socially and economically responsible forest use that maintains and restores the complexity and diversity of our forests.

Florida Urban Forestry Council - Since our inception in 1990, the Florida Urban Forestry Council has served as the premier non-profit organization in the state in issues pertaining to Urban Forestry.

Forest History Society links the past to the future by identifying, collecting, preserving, interpreting, and disseminating information on the history of interactions between people, forests, and their related resources - timber, water, soil, forage, fish and wildlife, recreation, and scenic or spiritual values. The focus is from a North American perspective within a global context.

Forest Landowners Association - National non-profit association dedicated to supporting non-industrial private forest landowners' responsible management of their private property through advocacy, information, and education. We represent over 10,000 landowners and outdoor enthusiasts in Washington D.C. on issues that affect them and their private property.

Forest Resources Association - Information on FRA programs supporting safe, efficient, and sustainable forest operations.

The Forest Guild An organization of professional foresters and others who promote ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry as a means of sustaining the integrity of forest ecosystems and the human communities dependent upon them.

Forest Stewardship Council was founded in 1993 by a diverse group of representatives from environmental and conservation groups, the timber industry, the forestry profession, indigenous peoples' organizations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organizations from 25 countries.

Friends of Trees inspires community stewardship by bringing people in the Portland-Vancouver area together to plant and care for city trees and urban natural areas. We plant trees along city streets and in urban natural areas. Volunteers are always welcome to help plant trees, work in the office, or organize events.

Idaho Forest Owners Association - An alliance of forest landowners dedicated to the management, use and protection of private forest resources in Idaho

Indiana Urban Forest Council has approximately 130 members consisting of volunteers, students, teachers, municipalities, foresters, utility companies, corporations, and state and local government.

International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF) is uniquely positioned as an independent organization whose membership includes experts in all aspects of Wildland fire management. IAWF independence and breadth of global membership expertise allows it to offer a neutral forum for the consideration of important, at times controversial, Wildland fire issues. Our unique membership and organization allow the IAWF to creatively apply a full range of Wildland fire knowledge to perform its stated mission.

Intertribal Timber Council (ITC) is a nonprofit nation-wide consortium of Indian Tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and individuals dedicated to improving the management of natural resources of importance to Native American communities. The ITC works cooperatively with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, private industry, and academia to explore issues and identify practical strategies and initiatives to promote social, economic and ecological values while protecting and utilizing forests, soil, water, and wildlife. Over 60 tribes and Alaska Native Corporations currently belong to the ITC.

Mississippi Urban Forest Council - A nonprofit organization aimed at promoting quality urban and community forestry in Mississippi

Missouri Community Forestry Council is committed to urban and community forestry issues in Missouri. The Council meets regularly to advise the State of Missouri on the best ways to preserve, protect, expand and improve our urban and community forests.

Montana Wilderness Association - Founded in 1958, the Montana Wilderness Association is the state's oldest, largest, and most active Wilderness organization. The Montana Wilderness Association works with the public, the media, and with local, state, and national officials to protect Montana's wildlands and outdoor traditions.

National Arbor Day Foundation - Leadership in urban & community forestry, tree planting & care, environmental education, nature education for children, conferences & seminars, conservation & agroforestry, forest stewardship, celebrating Arbor Day and Arbor Day Farm. Sponsor of Tree City USA® program in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters, providing direction, technical assistance, public attention, and national recognition for urban and community forestry programs in over 3100 towns and cities serving more than 93 million Americans.

National 4-H Forestry Invitational is the national championship of 4-H forestry. Each year, since 1980, teams of 4-H Foresters have come to Jackson's Mill State 4-H Conference Center at Weston, WV, to meet, compete, and have fun.

National Forest Foundation was created by Congress as the official nonprofit of the U.S. Forest Service. Our mission is to help care for the Nation's forests and build a better future for America.

National Woodland Owners Association understands, assists, and joins together people who are stewards of wooded lands and care deeply about the future of forests, forestry and land use.

New Jersey Tree Foundation is a statewide, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, enhancement and development of urban and community forestry activities in New Jersey through education, volunteerism, community outreach, partnerships, and grants. The Tree Foundation is committed to providing exceptional forestry programs, services and opportunities to New Jersey’s cities and towns.

New York Forest Owners Association - is a not-for-profit organization promoting stewardship of private forests. Through local chapters and statewide activities, NYFOA helps woodland owners become responsible stewards and interested publics to appreciate the importance of New York's forests.

North Carolina Urban Forest Council consists of individuals, citizen groups, nonprofit organizations, businesses and agencies from around the state that share an interest in community and urban forestry.

Oklahoma Urban & Community Forestry Council is a nonprofit Oklahoma corporation with a stated mission to improve Oklahoma's urban forests by providing leadership and guidance through education, planning, and advocacy.

Oregon Forest Industries Council - The Oregon Forest Industries Council (OFIC) is a trade association representing more than 50 Oregon forestland owners and forest products manufacturing-related firms. Its members own more than 90% of Oregon's industrial forestland base. OFIC coordinates advocacy on behalf of its members to: (1) maintain a positive, stable business operating environment for Oregon's forest products community and encourage long-term investments in healthy forests, (2) ensure a reliable timber supply from Oregon's public and private forestlands, and (3) promote stewardship and sustainable management to maintain productivity and protect environmental values on all of Oregon's forestlands.

Oregon Community Trees is a non-profit organization was established to promote urban and community forestry in Oregon. With the support of the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Oregon Community Trees (OCT) provides a forum for members to share ideas, develop new programs, and offer or seek advice and assistance to improve the care of community trees.

Oregon Small Woodlands Association - OSWA is an organization of family woodland owners. It is dedicated to the protection, management, use, and enhancement of oregon\'s forest resources.

The Pacific Forest Trust (PFT), works with landowners, forest managers, public agencies, local communities, and others to sustain private forestlands for the wealth of public benefits they provide. Our efforts to increase awareness of the threats to America's private forests, encourage innovations in stewardship forestry via education and research, and promote incentives for long-term forest stewardship and conservation via policy reforms are aimed at forest stakeholders nationwide. In our role as a specialized land trust for working forestlands, PFT's primary focus is on direct conservation in California, Oregon and Washington.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. - The SFI program is a forest and paper certification program. The SFI program calls on participants to practice a land stewardship ethic that combines the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality. The SFI program provides the assurance that the wood and paper products you buy come from sustainable, well managed forests.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) of Pennsylvania is a voluntary, industry-driven effort developed to ensure that future generations will have the same abundant, healthy, and productive resources we enjoy today. Created in 1995 by the American Forest and Paper Association (the national trade organization representing the United States forest products industry), SFI is a program of comprehensive forestry and conservation practices.

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to public awareness, understanding and improving Tennessee's urban forests. The Council serves as a resource, catalyst and liaison concerning urban forestry issues within the state, region and nation.

Tennessee Urban Forestry Council, established in 1991, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to public awareness, understanding and improving Tennessee's urban forests. The Council serves as a resource, catalyst and liaison concerning urban forestry issues within the state, region and nation.

Texas Urban Forestry Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a forum for networking, education and advocacy for those interested in impacting the community forests of Texas. We are the only statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering cooler, greener Texas communities.

Tree New Mexico is dedicated to ensuring sustainable forests in urban and rural communities and natural areas through restoration, public education and advocacy.

Tree Pittsburgh is an environmental non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the City's vitality by restoring and protecting the urban forest through tree maintenance, planting, education and advocacy.

TreeUtah is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to tree planting and education. Through these actions we hope to inspire and empower our communities to become active, knowledgeable stewards of our natural environment.

Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens' group dedicated to protecting and improving our urban environment by planting and conserving trees. We also educate the public about the value of trees. We are involved in tree issues in the entire metropolitan Atlanta area.

Trees New York is a nationally acclaimed organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all communities through participatory tree related programs. Founded in the 70's, it is the only organization in the region which focuses solely on urban trees and forestry. TNY plants, preserves and cares for trees through crucial community-oriented and technical support services through education, training, desktop publishing, and advocacy efforts.

Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute We are based in the College of Agriculture California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California. UFEI was developed by the Natural Resources Management Department faculty to address the increasing need for improved management of the urban forests in California.

Virginia Urban Forest Council Join citizen members of tree boards and commissions, elected officials, urban foresters and arborists, landscape architects, builders, developers, and planners desiring to enhance and protect Virginia’s urban forest. National experts and local leaders will facilitate this discussion identifying issues and exploring potential solutions that will fit within Virginia’s unique governing laws.

Washington Forest Protection Association (WFPA) was founded in 1908 to protect private forestland from wildfire. Our mission has evolved over the years as we continue to learn from science and address emerging issues. Many of the member companies that originally formed our association in 1908 are still members of WFPA. We are an association of private, commercial forest landowners.

Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association

World Forestry Center Museum and institute programs based in Portland, Oregon. We offer educational tours, materials, classes and operate two demonstration forests. Board is international.