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Active Job Postings

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - GIS Developer and Web Developer (posted October 1, location: Wisconsin)

Neptune - International Timber / Lumber Buyer (posted September 30, location: pending)

Resolute Forest Products - Procurement Forester (posted September 30, location: Washington)

Texas A&M Forest Service - Staff Forester - Forest Inventory & Analysis (posted September 29, location: Texas)

Wagner Forest Management Ltd. - Operations Field Forester (posted September 29, location: New Hampshire)

Olympic Resource Management - Area Forester (posted September 26, location: Oregon)

Nelson Land Management LLC - Restoration Technician or Crew Leader (posted September 25, location: Illinois)

Matson Lumber Co. - Forester (posted September 22, location: Pennsylvania)

Humboldt State University, Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources - Assistant Professor, Mensuration (posted September 19, location: California)

Sierra Pacific Industries - Division Forester (posted September 19, location: California)

Foothills Research Institute - Graduate Student and Summer Student (posted September 18, location: Alberta, Canada)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Utility Forester (posted September 17, location: Oklahoma)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Utility Forester (posted September 17, location: Tennessee)

Texas A&M Forest Service - Forester (posted September 17, location: Texas)

Sierra Pacific Industries - Forester (posted September 15, location: California)

University of Arkansas at Monticello, School of Forest Resources - Assistant Professor: Forest Biology / Ecophysiology (posted September 12, location: Arkansas)

University of Arkansas at Monticello, School of Forest Resources - Assistant Professor: Natural Resources Communications (posted September 12, location: Arkansas)

University of Arkansas at Monticello, School of Forest Resources - Assistant Professor: Quantitative Natural Resources Science (posted September 12, location: Arkansas)

University of Arkansas at Monticello, School of Forest Resources - Assistant Professor: Remote Sensing and GIS (posted September 12, location: Arkansas)

Dougherty & Dougherty Forestry, Inc. - Area Operations Manager (posted September 10, location: Eastern North Carolina)

Stell Environmental - Forester (posted September 10, location: South Carolina)

Pacific Gas and Electric Company - Senior Vegetation Program Manager (posted September 9, location: California)

Rayonier - Procurement Forester (posted September 9, location: Georgia)

Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota - Assistant Professor in Silviculture / Vegetation Management (posted September 5, location: Minnesota)

American Forest Foundation (AFF) - Director, American Tree Farm System Network (posted September 4, location: Washington, DC)

Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of Georgia - Assistant Professor or Associate Professor of Natural Resource Biometrics (posted September 2, location: Georgia)

Green Diamond Resource Company - Forester (RPF) (posted August 29, location: California)

Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Forest Practices District Manager (posted August 26, location: Washington State)

Finch Paper LLC - Director, Fiber Supply (posted August 25, location: New York)

Washington State Department of Natural Resources - Forest Practices Coordinator (posted August 22, location: Washington State)

Port Blakely Companies - Resource Forester - Silviculture (posted August 22, location: Washington State)

Bedard Resources - Planning Forest Professional (posted August 21, location: Alberta, Canada)

Global Wood Exports LLC - Procurement Officer - Forestry Products (posted August 21, location: Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, or Virginia)

Colorado State Forest Service - Forester (posted August 20, location: Colorado)

Larson & McGowin, Inc. - Foresters (posted August 20, location: Alabama, Louisiana)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Vegetation Management Database Support Technician (posted August 20, location: Oklahoma)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Database Management Specialist (posted August 20, location: Washington)

American Forest Foundation (AFF) - Senior Director, Woodland Owner Marketing (posted August 15, location: Washington, DC)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Utility Forester (posted August 15, location: North Carolina)

CN Utility Consulting, Inc. - Utility Forester (posted August 14, location: New Mexico)

Stimson Lumber Company - GIS Analyst (posted August 13, location: Idaho or Washington)

Campbell Global - Forest Planning Analyst (posted August 12, location: Oregon)

Roseburg Resources Company - Planting Technicians (posted August 8, location: Oregon)

Drax Biomass International Inc. - Sustainability Manager (posted August 8, location: Georgia)

The Forestry Jobs in America webpage features job opportunities in all aspects of America's forest and forest industry sectors. Examples of the types of positions advertised here include:

  • foresters and forest technicians / technologists
  • forest engineers
  • forest and land-use planners
  • GIS and geomatics specialists
  • academics and researchers
  • forest health specialists and silviculture surveyors
  • forest protection officers and forest firefighters
  • urban foresters and arborists
  • technical positions in the manufacture of forest products, i.e., millwrights, engineers
  • biologists, ecologists, watershed managers
  • timber cruisers and compassmen/women
  • block layout and road surveyors
  • tree planters and silviculture workers
  • summer positions for forestry students
  • other professionals who specialize in the forest and forest product sectors, i.e., economists, marketing specialists, business analysts, natural resource policy analysts, and more

Unless otherwise indicated, the employment opportunities advertised on this page are open only to American citizens and foreign nationals who are legally authorized to work in the United States of America.

NOTE: If you wish to apply for any of the opportunities listed, please contact the employers directly.

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